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Birds may be nice to watch, but when they choose your business or commercial building as nesting or roosting area, they become far less pleasant. When nuisance birds in Florida, such as pigeons, spend time on or around your building, they cause several problems for your business.

Health Risks

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Bird droppings are acidic and will damage your structure.  Pigeons in particular carry over 60 types of infectious diseases and harbor over 40 different parasites that can cause serious illnesses. Your customers or employees can even track droppings inside the building, exposing everyone.

From a health risk standpoint, birds are by far the most dangerous of all the pests. Although we handle most pest birds, we most commonly deal with pigeons. Pigeons reproduce up to six times a year, laying two eggs each time. These pests are resident birds and do not migrate, so you will not get a reprieve break from pigeon problems as you would with other kinds of birds.

If an aggressive effort to control pigeons and their nesting isn’t made quickly after the issue begins, the flock typically grows rapidly. Keeping pigeons and other birds off your commercial property is important to prevent damage to your building, prevent risks to the health of your customers and employees, and decrease the loss of revenue associated with repairs and lost business.

We provide a wide range of effective bird control services to prevent them from returning. Our bird control methods are both effective and humane.

Common Areas For For Bird Control

  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Entryways
  • Covered walkways
  • Building facades
  • Courtyards
  • Schoolyard covered play areas
  • Airplane hangars
  • Parking garages
  • Roof peaks
  • Covered gas station pump areas
  • Roof-mounted HVAC systems
  • Building signs
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Roof ledges

Considering Your Budget

We understand that most businesses didn’t start the year off with a line item in their budget for “bird control”. Often, we will help our customers by planning the project in phases, depending on budgetary issues.

We are not an all or nothing company; we are here to help as much as we can even when a customer’s budget isn’t enough to complete a larger project all at once. But don’t delay! Delaying a bird control plan can lead to expensive clean-up costs and damages. Furthermore, any pest problem will also take a toll on your reputation and your brand.

As a bird problem progresses, damages will likely affect employee morale and productivity. For example, bird droppings cause work stoppages at production facilities due to contamination, which no budget can handle. OSHA will declare worker areas unsafe simply because of the health risks associated with bird feces.

10 Concerning Quick-Facts About Bird Risks

  1. Concentrated amounts of bird feces can cause a slip-and-fall injury.
  2. Birds and their feces carry more diseases than rats, even viruses such as meningitis, bird flu, and encephalitis.
  3. Birds also carry bacterial organisms such as chlamydiosis and salmonellosis. Bird feces also spread fungal infections such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis through airborne spores.
  4. Bird feces can cause damage to equipment, eat through paint, and stain fabrics.
  5. Customers can track diseases into restaurants, offices, and medical facilities as they walk through bird feces on their way inside.
  6. A buildup of bird feces on rooftops near fresh air intakes can spread health risks all throughout the building via the HVAC system.
  7. Nesting materials from birds can cause roof drains to clog, leading to water backups and leaks.
  8. Bird droppings in stockrooms or warehouses can lead to product damage.
  9. Structures can become infested with ectoparasites such as bird mites, ticks, and bed bugs, potentially requiring expensive pest control treatments.
  10. Bird droppings can make your business look unsightly to patrons; unhappy patrons can lead to bad reviews on social media and damage your brand and reputation.

Safety Control/OSHA Compliance

We show up to the job in uniform, with all the proper safety equipment to meet OSHA regulations and any job site-specific requirements. This includes fall protection, eye protection, hearing protection, drop protection, respiratory protection, and all other forms of PPE.

There is an OSHA safety expert on each job in charge of implementing and following safety protocols. All employees have completed the company mandated safety courses in compliance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926, 1910 and ANSI Standard A92.2-2009 and A92.5-2006 as an Aerial & Scissor Operator.

They have also completed the company mandated safety courses in compliance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926, 1910 and ANSI Standard A92.2 – 2006 and A92.5 – 2006 for Fall Protection as well. Simply put: you can rest easy knowing everyone on the site is safe.

Furthermore, our owner, who is the OSHA standard supervisor on each job, is NWCOA Zoonotic Standard Certified. This helps keeps everybody on and around the job site safe from the health risks associated with birds and their droppings. We also have experience in working in areas with active customers and employees so we can help keep everybody safe while remaining productive.

Liability Control

There are many aspects to liability control in any industry. If you aren’t familiar with the bird control industry, then many of the liability concerns may be new to you. Many pest control and wildlife companies advertise that they perform bird control work when they actually just subcontract it out, without being actual general contractors.

Other companies just do not have a large enough staff to take on larger projects since they don’t specialize in bird control jobs. Instead, they will call outside companies to come work with them, and these companies aren’t properly trained or covered by their insurance policy. This can leave your company at risk for liability. It can also allow for a team of amateurs to improperly install your bird prevention strategy.

At Bird Solutions Inc., we do not subcontract our bird control. Our employees perform all of your work, meaning that they’re covered by our general liability and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.  Also, all of our technicians passed a Level Two background check, so you can rest easy knowing everyone on the job site is professional and accountable.

Humane Treatment

Birds are an important part of our ecosystem. Public relations and social media are a fact of life as a modern-day business owner, so you have to take into account what the public thinks of everything you do. Most people take the humane treatment of animals, especially birds, extremely seriously.

That’s why we actively employ the #nobirdswerehurt to make it clear that we treat the birds humanely, which can help promote your business as one that deals with pest problems responsibly.

We don’t want birds gone from the earth; we just want to remove them from your business or structure so that your customers and employees can interact safely. Remember, we service commercial buildings throughout the state of Florida, so we have the experience needed to get the job done right. For all your pigeon and pest bird service needs, we will travel far and wide. Don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule an inspection.

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