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When opening a business or managing a building, you may not consider the problems associated with birds. Though birds play a vital role in our ecosystem, they do not necessarily serve our buildings in the same positive way. That’s why the experts at Bird Solutions Inc. are here to help. Without harming the birds, we come up with a plan to safely remove birds from your business or home in Central Florida in a way that doesn’t harm your building or the environment. Each building and each problem is unique which is why our treatments are customized to fit your needs.

Our Bird Control Offerings

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We begin by performing an inspection of your Florida facility before providing pricing for our bird control services.  Our recommended actions will depend on the intensity of your bird issue, the type of bird causing problems at your facility, and the nature of the structure we’re treating.

Once we determine bird pressure and evaluate your structure, we can come up with the best treatment option for your particular situation. If there are multiple control options available to deal with your bird issue, we will explain all the options thoroughly so you can make an informed decision.

Bird control materials are very specific to each job, requiring careful management and planning during the inspection. If your facility has affected areas that are only accessible by lift, we can perform drone inspections (F.A.A. limitations apply).

The drone inspections allow us to perform the inspection without the upfront cost of a lift, reducing the initial cost to you as we diagnose your pest problem. We will also determine if your structure needs any cleanup or decontamination services before we install your bird control systems. We will even perform any cleanup and decontamination services ourselves to ensure the lowest possible cost.

Treatment Options

We’ll offer all treatment options possible to control a pigeon or pest bird problem on your property. We’ll recommend which methods will be most effective for your specific issues.

Our product groups include:

  • Total Exclusion (Bird Net)
  • Ledge Control
  • Open Space Control

Below are descriptions of the most commonly used bird control treatments:

Bird Netting

Our most popular pigeon and pest bird control method is bird netting. Bird netting has many advantages. The most important advantage is that bird netting is the most humane and effective method of bird control because it simply denies pigeons and other birds access to the area of concern.

This method is effective against all species of birds, both big and small. Another advantage is that the bird netting is almost invisible. The hardware used to support the net is discrete, so it is not offensive to customers coming to your business.

Durability and longevity are other advantages of a bird net. In fact, the bird nets we use have a breaking strength of 52 pounds per twisted strand making them the strongest polyethylene netting available in the world. Furthermore, the material is embedded with UV treatment, making it resistant to ultra-violet radiation to help extend its life.

The high-quality bird netting we install is flame resistant or flameproof, depending on your needs. It is also waterproof, so it will not gain weight and sag when it gets wet.  We support the bird netting with a nearly 100% of stainless structure and hardware to hold up in the harshest of environments. This is extremely important in the salty, humid climate of Florida.  The only exceptions are copper ferrules (they are wire crimps and need to be flexible) and concrete anchors which are powder-coated.

We can install bird netting in a variety of locations. Typically, bird netting is used in covered areas with a wood or metal truss system. Bird netting can be used in several places such as loading docks, warehouses, entryways to buildings, covered walkways, building facades, courtyards, airplane hangars, parking garages, covered gas station pump areas, roof-mounted HVAC systems, and many more areas.

We are extremely experienced in bird net installation in a variety of areas and structures. We also have experience using specialty attaching hardware for surfaces where drilling or screwing is not an option. A common customer question with bird netting is a fear of gaining access to items such as lighting and fire sprinkler heads behind the netting. We can install net zippers to allow maintenance without having to call us to remove the net. Bird netting requires specialized tools and extensive training, and our technicians take pride in performing these installations with the utmost care.

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Bird Track

We are a certified installer of Bird Track. This system works by delivering a memorable, but low-voltage, shock to the birds when they land in certain areas. This method does no lasting harm and prevents pigeons and other birds from returning to these areas. It is considered humane by all government, wildlife, and trade agencies.

One of our favorite features of the Bird Track is that it conforms to any architectural configuration and is very flexible. The Bird Track is a low-profile electrified track making a very low visual impact. The track is less than 1/4 of an inch high and is available in five different UV stabilized colors.

This track includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as long as it is installed by a certified technician. Bird Track can be powered by several different types of chargers depending on your situation and preferences. Bird Track is most often used on parapets, roof peaks, beams, and ledges.

Bird Wire

Bird wire is a spring tension wire system that, once installed, creates an unstable landing area for birds. Bird wire is one of the least visible of all ledge control products for pigeons and other pest birds. It is the preferred product in most ledge control situations where aesthetics are paramount.

Nylon coated, spring-tensioned stainless-steel wire is attached to stainless steel posts at different heights and intervals to prevent birds from standing on ledges. We secure the posts using mechanical fasteners or glue-on bases. There are many brackets available to install this on items such as pipes, sprinkler systems, rain gutters, railings, and I-Beams.

Tower Guard

Tower Guard is similar to bird wire but more advanced for larger birds such as osprey, vultures, gulls, hawks, owls, cormorants, and other large birds that plague the Florida area. We can attach Tower Guard to nearly any surface with a variety of mounting options. Tower Guard is more visible than other options which we will discuss with you when recommending this bird control option.


Bird-coil is a system that involves the installation of stainless steel coils to prevent pigeons and other birds from landing along the edges of roofs and other locations. We only use this option on rare, specific occasions.

Visual and other sensory deterrents: We offer a few different visual deterrents, including reflective holographic images and optical dish deterrent devices. Though these may seem like a gimmick, certain deterrents are effective when deployed by a professional.

Our humane, multi-sensory bird repellent dishes actually deter birds using sight, smell, and touch. They cause the birds to see fire which prevents them from landing on a surface. The smell of the product is another strong deterrent for pigeons and other pest birds who are less affected by the visual aspect.

Finally, for any birds who manage to shake off those two deterrents, we go after their sense of touch. If a bird comes into contact with the heavy gel-type product in the dish, they will immediately take flight. Pigeons and other birds are not fond of foreign textures on their feet or wings and have an extreme aversion to the gel. We also have a highly effective spinning visual deterrent designed particularly for woodpeckers, but can be used on other smaller birds as well.

Bird Spikes

We install bird spikes in areas to deter birds from landing. Bird spikes are rarely the proper choice.  They are our least used option because of smaller birds’ tendencies to build nests in the spikes, making matters worse. Bird spikes are typically the choice of companies without proper training to use better-adapted exclusion devices.  It is also the item we most commonly remove because someone who simply didn’t know better installed them in an effort to solve their bird problem.  This often happens because of the simplicity of their installation.

Solar Panel Exclusions

Solar panels are a common occurrence on buildings throughout Florida. Unfortunately, the panels provide the perfect harborage for pigeons and other birds. We have a product specifically designed to prevent birds from congregating under solar arrays: protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from damage.

We also offer many other solutions that we can implement depending on your particular needs. Contact us today for a custom plan designed to end your bird problems for good.


After discussing bird control options with you, coming up with a customized plan that suits your needs, and installing an effective means of bird control, we will make sure that you’re happy with the results. We will return to your facility and communicate with you regularly to ensure that our bird control measures solve your problem and withstand the test of time. contact us today to learn how we can provide bird control for your home or business in Florida.

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