Protect Your Business with Bird Netting

Bird netting is the most effective bird control option for inside and under structures. If birds are causing damage or making a mess around your business, having a bird net installed could be the answer to your bird problems. At Bird Solutions, we offer bird netting installation services. As professional bird netting installers, we travel throughout Florida for commercial projects.

Introducing Bird Netting

Bird netting is a protective barrier that prevents birds from accessing certain areas of your property. Think it as a shield to keep birds away from your buildings, equipment, and inventory. We offer many bird prevention options, and bird netting is one of the most effective.

Benefits of Bird Netting for Commercial Properties

Benefits of Bird Netting for Commercial Properties

Below we have laid out some of the benefits of installing Bird Netting.

Prevents Property Damage

By keeping birds away, netting helps protect your property from damage caused by pecking, nesting, and droppings. Bird feces is both uric and digestive making it the perfect mix to ruin your property.

Promotes Hygiene

Bird droppings can carry over 60 different types of infectious diseases, and birds themselves can harbor over 40 different parasites. Bird netting keeps birds away, reducing the risk of diseases spreading.

Enhances Safety

A buildup of bird droppings can create a slippery mess of hazardous conditions, leading to accidents and injuries. Netting keeps your property safe for employees and customers.

Protects Brand Reputation

Bird feces on your building or the ground is unsightly. A clean, bird-free environment reflects positively on your business, enhancing your reputation and customer experience.

Customized Solutions for Different Business Needs

Every business is unique and so are its bird control needs. If you have a warehouse, restaurant, airplane hanger, or maintenance building, there’s a solution we can design.

Humane Bird Control Option

Bird netting is a humane bird control solution. Netting doesn’t harm birds; it simply prevents them from roosting, nesting, and loafing in the areas above. This ensures a win-win situation for you and the birds.

Bird Netting Installation & Maintenance

Bird Netting Installation & Maintenance

Installing bird netting requires extensive training to make it look nice and prevent birds. We have the training and experience needed to handle the most difficult installations. We are certified installers for both of the major bird netting suppliers in the United States.

We can also provide maintenance of the net after the fact. It’s low maintenance, not no maintenance option. Maintenance is also key to maximizing its lifespan.

Cost-Effectiveness and Return on Investment

Installing netting has a higher initial cost compared to short-term options for bird deterrents. However, it’s an investment and a total solution. The money you save on pressure washing, cleaning, and potential losses from bird-related problems outweighs the cost of netting.

Highlights of our Bird Netting

Nearly Invisible & Ultra Strong

Bird netting blends into the structure once installed. It is composed of 6 (12/1000th an inch) ultra-strong strands of knotted UV-stabilized polyethylene twine. With a net breaking strength of 52 lbs. per twisted strand, it is the strongest of its kind.


Our net comes with a 10-Year Product Guarantee. The UV treatment and color pigmentation are embedded into the net, not dipped like other nets. This makes it more resistant to the effects of the sun and more consistent in color throughout.  

Custom Sizes

Our netting comes in many standard sizes, but it is also available in custom sizes to reduce waste. At Bird Solutions, we can also stitch nets together to handle large-scale projects with a nearly seamless appearance. 

Choosing a Bird Netting Installer

Choosing a Bird Netting Installer

It’s essential to work with a reputable installer, not just someone who “also does” birds. We have a team of professional installers certified by Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone. We are also Bird Management Certified by NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association). We have many satisfied customers from government organizations, retail facilities, warehouses and more.

It’s also important to use heavy-duty netting and durable bird control products. The netting we use comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. We use stainless steel attaching hardware to support the net. This is important to verify, as not all materials will hold up in Florida’s harsh, salty climate.

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Bird netting is a highly effective solution for protecting your commercial property from bird-related problems. If you’re ready to take proactive steps to safeguard your business, consider investing in bird netting today. At Bird Solutions, we’re bird control experts with years of pest bird experience.

Contact us for additional information or to schedule an onsite evaluation.  With the bird control professionals at Bird Solutions, you’re in good hands.

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